Angry Birds

December 8, 2018

I am not a snowbird! I’m actually more of a sunbird, if there is such a thing. I prefer to flee the hotter weather for the cool, brisk air of the forest in wintertime. In fact, the only reason that I am even hanging around the Arizona desert this year is because of all the wonderful events that are happening here.

But, alas, my soul yearns for the serene beauty of a tree lined lake somewhere in the mountains. That said, the best I can do to nurture myself right now, is to seek out bodies of water, in and around, the area. Thankfully, the Colorado River winds its way through the Copper State, so I do have many options.

Luckily, I happened upon video by the YouTuber Southern Goodness and she was camped at her “favorite” spot, along the river, in Ehrenberg. She graciously responded to my inquiry with some basic directions, and so, after too many weeks spent in the stark and barren landscape that is the southwestern desert, I was off for much needed water therapy.

After getting a bit turned around, which is not uncommon for me, I encountered a fellow nomad on his way to his next adventure. Grateful for his serendipitous appearance, he pointed me in the right direction, and I was able to find my way to the main access road. Unsure of just how far I could continue along the road before it either ended or narrowed, I decided to stop and check out a small oasis that had, but a single rig and plenty of room for more.

I hopped out and introduced myself to Wayne and his bird-dog Sweets, and he cordially invited me to camp in this sweet little spot with them. I was so happy to be able to position Scout, my RV, right next to a culvert that was teeming with all kinds of wildlife.Upon asking, Wayne had told me that the road only continued for another ¼ mile, before it ended at a larger open area along a beach. And so, with another hour or so of light, I decided to hitch up the doggies and go for a walk to find the end of the road. We didn’t get far. With dusk looming, and the sky turned all kinds of amazing colors, all my attention was drawn to a large tree filled with three huge black birds, wings extended, that were watching us.  Worried for the safety of my 20 lbs dogs, I grabbed a large dead tree branch from the ground and pointed it in the general direction of the birds. I bellowed to them a warning of all-out war, if they even thought about approaching us. Can you imagine if someone had caught sight of this exchange – a crazy lady yelling at a bunch of birds in a tree and shaking a stick at them. Limited in my knowledge of ornithology, I decided it best to postpone our walk until morning and return my puppies to the safe harbor of the RV. It was later that I learned that these were actually Turkey Vultures, and that they would have only expressed interested in my dogs, had they been “dead puppies” – whew!