Travel Tails

Angry Birds

roamtowngirl - December 8, 2018

I am not a snowbird! I’m actually more of a sunbird, if there is such a thing. I prefer to flee the hotter weather for the cool, brisk air of the forest in wintertime. In fact, the only reason that I am even hanging around the Arizona desert this year is because of all the wonderful events that are happening here. But, alas, my soul …

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I Got Jumped in Parker Arizona!

roamtowngirl - December 1, 2018

I am living proof that one does not have to be much of an adventurer to thrive in the RV lifestyle. Case in point, I decided to go join up with one of the Bob’s Well’s caravans in Parker Arizona. Now, I have boondocked (camping without any power/water/sewer hook-ups) a few times before and have been just fine, as long as I was with people …

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