I Got Jumped in Parker Arizona!

I Got Jumped in Parker Arizona!

I am living proof that one does not have to be much of an adventurer to thrive in the RV lifestyle. Case in point, I decided to go join up with one of the Bob’s Well’s caravans in Parker Arizona. Now, I have boondocked (camping without any power/water/sewer hook-ups) a few times before and have been just fine, as long as I was with people I knew. However, the handful of times I attempted to dry camp solo, I escalated in to high anxiety with every foreign sound that emanating from the dark. Needless to say, the concept of these CRVL hosted nomad gatherings was an absolute blessing. But, I digress…

After getting settled at my site, with doggies attached to my waist, as is often how you will see me, we took a stroll around camp. The area had very sparse vegetation and so it was easy to stay away from the natural perils of the desert terrain…or so I thought. We met a handful of folks and got the lay of the land. Shortly upon heading back towards Scout, my 26 foot Class C RV, is when things turned ugly and it happened! I felt the stab right away and I froze in my tracks. I looked down and I saw a pickle like object covered with millions of toothpicks, sticking out from my leg. Being quick to panic, my first inclination was to call out feebly for help.

Once it became obvious that no one was within earshot, I accepted that I was going to have to channel my “inner MacGyver”.  So, I dug down deep and began to survey the ground around me. My eyes quickly fixed on a slender, elongated stone that was just within my reach. While, mind you, for no apparent reason, my leg remained pinned to the earth like a frog used in a biology class. Having enough sense to know, not to touch the attacker protruding from my leg, I began to make a flicking motion with the rock, and in one glorious swipe, the prickly hijacker was successfully dislodged. Now worried that someone else might encounter this devious little devil, I smashed him under a larger rock, where hopefully, he could do no further harm to me or anyone else.

At the campfire later that night, I expressed my concern about the incident and my fear of actually looking at the punctured area. As a gesture of kindness, my new nomad friends did their best to suppress their laughter, and instead, informed me that I have just been the victim of a Cholla, also known as the “jumping cactus” They assured me that this particular plant was not poisonous and that a dollop of antibiotic cream would do the trick.

And so my friends, if ever you find yourself walking out in the desert, do try your best to steer clear of this menace of the southwest. And perhaps, carry a small comb in your pocket….just in case one of these hitchhikers ever tries to jump you.  

12 responses to “I Got Jumped in Parker Arizona!”

  1. Very interesting story…loll. it’s in my plan to become a full time RVer, waiting to sell my house. I’ll be following you and get inspired as I’m following Bob, Robin and few other ones too.
    Safe travels

    • Thanks MJ. I feel so honored that you have included me, to be a part of your journey of becoming a full timer. I look forward to meeting you out here one day?

  2. Hi!
    Just saw you on Bob’s channel so I came to read hour blog. I like your style!…and your way of writing. I could learn a lot from you about organizing, as I missed that gene! Lol
    Please do videos!!!! I really want to see the slide out over your driver seat closer up. GREAT ideas!!!
    Happy Trails!
    Candy in AR

    • Thanks Candy. I appreciate your support as I’m just getting started. Also, I am taking your great suggestions to heart!

  3. Just wanted to let you know I respect your bravery going out and finding your way. Also really like your writing style, it’s smart and fun. Keep going and I hope you find your cabin some day. Dave F – Ohio

    • Thanks David, and right now I am making my cabin on wheels…I will post some makeover pictures soon!

  4. Watching your video with Bob made me smile.one day I love to do this I tell my son I going to home school him and we are going to travel the world.we lost his dad two years ago. Been just the two of us so nothing holding us back just my nerves and my thoughts of failing .maybe one day ?be safe n god bless

    • Im so sorry for your loss, I do hope you find yourself overcoming your nerves and come out on the road…you could start with some baby steps – maybe a weekend in a rented rv??

  5. Just saw your videos with Bob. Really appreciate your attitude!
    I just bought a ’96 as well, 22ft. And though seemingly well cared for, as far as this newbie can tell, 24 yr old is what it is, first surprise being a minor roof leak. Got education from some quality experienced blogger’s sites I follow. And like your words, came to see it as a blessing in disguise as need to know more, regardless whether it’s me or another doing repair/maintenance.

    Aside, fwiw, I felt lucky with the insurance agent I dealt with, thought him very patient and helpful. And along the way he told me that many insurance companies for an rv over 20 yr old will require you to have a second vehicle, though it does not have to be a toad. Your company may not require that, but jut wanted to share what could be an easily-overlooked fine-print detail that could void a claim if it was required and you were simply not aware.

    And like another poster above, would appreciate seeing more pictures/details of how you did the slide out for the over the cab storage. Great idea. I’d only thought about a shelf but would better of course to have the slide-out option.

    Cheers, and best wishes for your journeying.

  6. I saw you on CheapRVliving. You are the most organized of all the videos. Gives me hope.

    • Thanks Alecia. I’ve been thinking about writing a book on organizing in a small space..and YOUR words are really motivating me 🙂